Defining the Position

Our team works with you to narrow the scope of your search to help speed the hiring process. We define the requirements for the type of candidate you need, and distribute this specification to potential candidates.

Researching the Industry

To make sure that we always provide candidates that are of high caliber, we conduct extensive research about the industry in which the hiring company operates as well as sources for potential candidates. We’ve got our thumb on the pulse of what’s happening in the field, and we do our homework.

Interviewing Prospective Candidates

Before the candidate’s resume hits your desk, we conduct both telephone and personal interviews (when possible) with each candidate. We evaluate the candidate’s experience, qualifications, potential and whether or not they will fit your corporate culture. We also perform reference checks to verify each candidate’s background and history.

Submission of Pre-screened Candidate Profiles

Once we have conducted our initial interviews, we present each candidate’s resume and profile for your review. We are also available to assist in evaluation and selection of the final candidate.

The Final Steps: Negotiation, Offer, and Follow-Up

We serve as mediator in our employer/candidate negotiations. To facilitate this process, we provide recommendations based on analysis of compensation trends in the marketplace. We follow up on all our candidates to ensure that both the employer and new employee are satisfied.