Placing an Entire Sales Team at a Medical Diagnostics Company

With one of our clients, a medical imaging company, our team was tasked with helping to restructure an entire sales and marketing department. The CEO at this company had worked with us before to accomplish a similar task at another company, and was confident that we could find the right people.

This is one area in which we excel– staffing an entire team. According to the CEO of this company, we had approximately 50% of the staff in place in less than three months.

“Geoff probably doesn’t realize this, but the greatest asset his company provides is Quality Assurance– he stays in touch with the candidate, acting as counselor and lets the hiring manager know what’s happening without breaking the confidence of the placed candidate.”

Geoffrey Weiss & Associates continues to be the key recruiter for this company, and enjoys a great relationship with both the client and the candidates that have been placed.

Helping Build a Career – From Sales Representative to Vice President of Sales and Marketing

For a Vice President of Sales at another medical imaging company, Geoffrey Weiss & Associates meant more than just finding the right candidate. At the beginning of his career, he met Geoff, who guided him about a new market he wanted to enter: Medical Capital Equipment and Medical Imaging. Geoff introduced him to the best companies and positioned him on a career path to the top.

“I’d like to say that I’m probably Geoff’s greatest success story. His company has placed me at almost all of the companies I worked with, and I continue to use his services to find candidates for my staff.”

Our team has a good understanding of the medical industry, know the right people, and can really help guide candidates’ careers, not just fill an empty position.

Human Resources Perspective

What does Geoffrey Weiss & Associates offer that sets them apart from other recruiters?

“Geoff doesn’t flood us with paper. They work around the clock to find candidates that match the specifications for the job, and then submit one or two quality candidates.”

As a Human Resources representative, you want to work with recruiters that you can trust. Our team works with both the client and the candidates to find the right people, and they are ethical– this company does not jeopardize the relationships it builds with clients. Just ask the repeat customers.